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The history of our group

In Bajo Dora our village, already in the early 50’s existed spontaneous clusters of pipers and drummers that on occasion of the Carnival played pipe and drum….
In 1977 some members of the Carnival Committee decided to form a band of pipes and drums made up of boys, so also our village took part in keeping alive that tradition of melodious plays, unique in their kind, which are rooted in the XVI century, accompanying the marches and military exercises of the Savoy Army.
Since 1977 the group has grown to become an important aggregation reality.
In the early eighty’s, the band was given the first uniform. At that time the group had the honour to welcome the Italian President Mr. Pertini at the foot of the aircraft ladder when he visited Turin.
The band participated in numerous events in Piedmont, in the Aosta Valley, in Lombardy and in Tuscany. In 1986 the band was given the current uniform consisting of blue trousers with a silver band, a red jacket with tales and silver buttons, black cuffs and black collar. The red “Phrygian” cap of the French Revolution is worn as a hat.
In 2014 was created the “Banners and Flags” department made up of girls. The uniform consists of a blue skirt, a red jacket, a long blue cloak and a feathered tricorn hat.
In 2015 a new summer uniform was added to the historical uniform.
In 2017 we celebrated the 40th anniversary with a gathering of the local groups of fifes and drums with the participation as a special guest of the German band “Fanfarenzug Zell I.W” from the Black Forest.
n 2018 our group reciprocated the visit of Fanfarenzug Zell and went to Zell Im Wiesental together with the brass band “Amis d’Albian” we brought our traditions to Germany. From that meeting an Italian-German twinning was born among Bajo Dora Fifes and Drums, Fanfarenzug-Zell and Amis d’Albian. Twinning strengthened by great esteem and mutual friendship.
Our group is currently composed of 30 elements between the ages of 5 and 50....

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