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Presidente: Giorgio Clemente Raga
Vice presidente: Tognon Marco
Segretaria: Cordera Francesca
Cassiera: Beata Giorgia
Consiglieri: Germanetti Gino
Maridon Gianpiero
Ariano Antonella
Nicco Riccardo
Bertoldo Valeria
Ciancio Francesco

Where we are

Bajo Dora our village, has 500 inhabitants. It is located at the foot of Mount Cavallaria in the Canavese area, in the province of Turin along the state road 26 Ivrea-Valle d’Aosta.
In the book “Eporedia, 100 years before Christ” by Pietro Ramella, Bajo Dora is mentioned as a locality with the presence of Roman finds that testify the ancient origin of the village.
In Bajo Dora there are still the ruins of a castle burned down during the war between the Spanish and the French in 1640.
Over time the owners of the Castle have been the Soleri family of Ivrea, then the Dallariva family.

The bell tower our church is from 1672.
Bajo Dora has been a municipality until 1928. From this date, due to the implementation of a state law, Bajo Dora was merged with the municipality of Borgofranco d’Ivrea on the left bank of the Dora Baltea river.
Divided from the capital by the river, it leads an independent social life.

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